Rumor Or Real With ADRI.V
It looks like the end of an era. First Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan and now Kevin Garnett!
After 21 seasons in the NBA Kevin Garnett has decided to retire. Garnett is truly leaving a legacy as one of the best defensive players in league history and to many you can say the game's most influential and …
Guys Biggest Peeves
The guys in Buffalo open up about what their biggest turn offs and deal breakers in a relationship are! Check out the top 5 things you could deal that will get you blacklisted for Valentine's Day! Listen in on the convo and vote!
Who's Hotter? [Poll]
We have all new competitors for this week's Man Crush Monday. At last night Grammy Awards Rapper/Actor Common & TI were looking oh so good in a suit. Today the two light skinned hotties go at it to be your #MCM.
battle of the sexes memes
For this week's Hot Topic Tuesday, listeners had the chance to express what they don't like about the opposite sex. "I hate when Dudes be like I'll Be there in 5 Minutes!" Check out some of the funniest real life "Be Like" Memes inside.
The following is another example of how we learn through transmitted images and this video is coonery vibrating below the third Chakra (don't know what a Chakra is, google it) in the body.
Grooming Mistakes That Turn Women Off
I asked interns Maria and Shayla what they thought about a recent article published by Allure Magazine and this was their response:
Allure Magazine published an article entitled “13 Beauty Mistakes that Turn Men Off” that has been highlighted on Yahoo...