I asked interns Maria and Shayla what they thought about a recent article published by Allure Magazine and this was their response:

Allure Magazine published an article entitled “13 Beauty Mistakes that Turn Men Off” that has been highlighted on Yahoo.com.  It seems easy for men to always nitpick about what a woman does that “turns them off” but how about what turns women off?  First, we will start by telling you the items in which were listed in this article.  Here are the fella's complaints:

  1. Fragrance Overload
  2. Caked-on Foundation
  3. Overdone Eyelashes
  4. Dry Skin
  5. A Sloppy Shave
  6. Yellow-Tinged Teeth
  7. Sticky Lip Gloss
  8. Orangy Self-Tanner
  9. Stiff Hair
  10. Smokey-Eye Overload
  11. Bold Lipstick
  12. Hair Ad-ins
  13. Neon, Dark and Patterned Manicures

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So with all of that said, we thought it would be not only fun but informational to let our listeners know what it is that men do that turns the ladies off!

  1. Wearing Feminine Smelling Fragrances
  2. 5 O’clock Shadows
  3. Arched Eyebrows
  4. Rough Face  
  5. Shaving Under Arms and Other Bodily Hair
  6. Yellow Teeth/Bad Breath
  7. Dry Cracked Lips
  8. Ashy Skin
  9. Receding Hair-Line
  10. Dirty Un-Kept Nails
  11. Wearing the Same Clothes for Days

So moral of the story fellas is that the ladies have turn-offs too! Ladies, do you want to add something to the list? Fella's do you agree with this list? Leave a comment!

Contributed by WBLK Interns Shayla Reed and Maria Redd.