We have all new competitors for this week's Man Crush Monday. At last night Grammy Awards Rapper/Actor Common & TI were looking oh so good in a suit. Today the two light skinned hotties go at it to be your #MCM.

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Not every man can pull off the sunglasses at night look but T.I. does it flawlessly. He has made a name for himself not only as a rapper, but as an actor and reality TV Star. Now he is after the title of Man Crush Monday Battle of the Sexy Champion.

I've always thought Common was good looking as an artist, but watching him grow as an actor in films like "Just Wright" and "Selma" and watching him speak up about social issues makes him even more sexier in my book! Plus the way he rocks dem hats!!!

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Even daytime TV host Meredith couldn't keep her composer while talking to Common on he show today. "Excuse me," she said while blushing.

"You're just so handsome!"