Tony Siragusa played 12 seasons in the NFL before starting a career as a Fox sideline reporter and host of DIY network's "Man Caves." Now he's "training guys who leak a little" as the, um, face of Depend Guards and Shields, the bladder-leakage pads. Watch the video above for Siragusa's pitch.

A condition that effects 23 million people, bladder leakage is no laughing matter (unless it happens after a frat party), but this ad is an almost SNL-like spoof of itself. We're not sure what the tiny man space under the bathroom sink has to do with bladder leakage, other than reminding guys that Siragusa has a man cave show. And, who wants to take a quiz about pee-pee tracks or find out tips about guarding your manhood. Isn't guarding your manhood instinctive after you first get kicked in the nuts as a little kid?

It's not the first time Depend has used NFL players to help leak information about its product. Wes Welker and DeMarcus Ware tried on the pads under their clothes earlier this year, so the company is making a push to build awareness among NFL fans. We fear that Siragusa may work the sidelines of an NFL game wearing only a Depend bladder shield this fall, which would make us guard our eyes.