Meek Mill Set Free
Surely you have heard, MMG's Meek Mill was released from jail today after a 5 month sentence for violating his parole. Considering the fact that he has an album pretty much done, won't be long before we hear some new music from Meek.
OJ Wants A New Trial
OJ Simpson is back in the news as he gets set to make his Appeal for a New Trial in his Burglary / Kidnapping Case.
Well here's the FULL STORY below ...AND A SEPARATE MATTER... A Documentary that claims to PROVE OJ is INNOCENT (in reference to the Nicole Simpson / Ron Goldman Murders...
Wiz Khalifa was arrested early sunday morning at an airport in Texas after marijuana was found in his bag during a TSA check.
Khalifa was flying from El Paso to Dallas for a music festival when according to law enforcements was taken into custody and handed over to local police when they discovered t…
Dolce & Gabbana Headed to Jail For Tax Fraud
The high end shoppers out there are worried about how they will be buying Dolce & Gabbana after the legendary Fashion design duo has been sentenced to 18 Months in jail over tax fraud in Italy. Uncle Sam speaks all languages and loves all styles of clothes and yes, even the high end lines.&n…
Chris Brown Sentenced!
On Friday Chris Brown got kicked out of rehab and taken directly to Jail. He is not getting any special treatment behind bars, or in the courtroom. Find out what the judged sentenced him to and peep what he's wearing!!
Should Kids Be Fined For Skipping School?
The age-old dilema of kids skipping school will probably never go away, even though there have been incentive programs to entice potential "skippers". In an effort to reward kids for going to school, iPads, sneakers, gift cards, etc have been given away for perfect attendance.

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