Oops -- i shot myself!
Research shows that states with the most guns have the most unintentional deaths by a firearm. On Tuesday night, a young woman fatally shot herself in the head while handling an assault rifle in her home.
"IT FINALLY HAPPENED" is the sentiment of many in Washington State, Colorado, and about half of America!  Marijuana has been legalized!  It's not widespread YET.... but it's not hard to imagine legalization not being NATIONWIDE within a year...
Batman Massacre Staged Terror?
My heart and prayers go out to the victims of the 71 men, women and children injured in theater 9.
With so much attention on this tragedy, we cannot underestimate the power of our collective vibrations. If we let F.E.A.R set every time we want to go to the movies, they win.
President Obama said the co…
Dark Knight Massacre
The anticipation has been HUGE for the last piece in the Dark Knight trilogy. Fans have been waiting for midnight on July 20th for weeks to be the first to see the epic film. In Aurora, Colorado, movie-goers had to worry about much more than someone taking their seat during a concession run.