Is there compelling evidence that the new Batman movie "DARK KNIGHT RISES" is cursed..... OR .... . that there's Government involvement in the recent Mass Killing such that the shooting wasn't really done by this "Lone Shooter Guy".

Some are saying that the Government uses Hollywood movies to instill FEAR in "US" so that we'll feel powerless and always look to "Government" to handle issues.  I mean people are FAR FAR FAR more alert and aware than any other time in History.  We question things that just don't seem right with our government....there's Reality TV now...hardly no more "fake laugh track" sitcoms.  Is the Government in favor of our new found "smarts"... hmmmm!  (Hope they don't come looking for me and I disappear after writing this Blog).

Here's a list of items which many feel provide compelling evidence that there's more to the BATMAN MOVIE than "BOOOOOM! ZOWWWW! BANGGG!

2010 - Former "JOKER" Andrew Koenig commits suicide at 41

Andrew Koenig - Joker






Heath Ledger (The Joker in the original "Dark Knight") commits suicide at 28

Heath Ledger Joker






Batman: The Death Of The Joker is recorded in 2006 showing the final confrontation between the Joker and Batman ending in a movie theater with The Joker meeting his death:

A Woman escapes a shooting where people were killed in Toronto last month (and wrote a Blog about her escape) is in the audience at the Aurora, CO opening of "DARK KNIGHT RISES" and is shot and killed:

....then there are the Conspiracy Theorists who believe the Government is behind all of this:

Tell us what you think!

Here are some videos of "The Killer" - James Holmes:

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