The new year has arrived and across New York State people are waiting to see what the next few days will bring. Will it be rain or snow or even both? A Nor'easter storm is bearing down and could pose a few challenges for drivers on the first full weekend of 2024.

Perhaps you had a plan to take a test drive or search for a car for the new year? If your resolution was to get the right car or truck for your money, there is a recent report that may help you make that decision.

There are few thing more exciting, or rewarding, than driving away from a dealership in a new car. It is true, however, that some have a bit of buyers remorse or guilt. Cars are not cheap and with interest rates the way they are, and the gas prices (if you chose gas), or the available charging stations always in question, picking the right vehicle for your family and budget are enough to give any happy shopper a bit of anxiety.

But this new report shows which cars and trucks are best across the board. Some of them, because of their options, are also ideal for whatever New York State has to offer.

The winners of the North American Car, Truck, and Utility of the year have been announced for 2024.

What some may find is the most intriguing choice here, is the Ford Super Duty! According to the report and findings from

The only purely internal-combustion winner this year is the Ford Super Duty. It beat the Chevy Colorado and the Silverado EV for the commendation.

With the ever changing weather we get here in New York State, many are not ready to go all in on an EV. The people we spoke with are willing to listen to an argument in favor of a hybrid model. But after seeing this report, it may be tough to get pickup truck fans to consider anything but a powerful, fully gas or diesel motor.

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