Carl Paladino

Carl Paladino OUSTED!
Carl Paladino can no longer serve on the Buffalo School Board.  State Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia decided to remove Paladino who has vowed to appeal the decision, according to WGRZ News.
The State Denies the Removal of Carl Paladino! [News Video]
Well, I guess this sets a precedent such that one can say whatever they want these days...even if it's the ultimate insult aimed at the Leader of our Country as The NYS department of Education has denied requests to oust Carl Paldino after comments he made that appeared in Art Voice Magazine ab…
Bed Bug Infestation at Rath Building
The exact source of the Bed Bugs found in the Rath Building is unknown according to News Reports.  The story does thicken as the Bed Bug situation is also prevalent at a Main Street Building owned by Carl Paladino, according to News Reports...
TAKE THE POLL: Do You Accept Carl Paladino's Apology?
TAKE THE POLL BELOW (bottom of page)!  (Do you accept Carl Paladino's apology for statements he made in 'ARTVOICE'?)
Well known Buffalo School Board Member, Carl Paladino, made some ...what seemed to be...racist remarks publicly denouncing and disrespecting President Obama and Mic…
Is Carl Paladino a Good Choice to Serve with Trump?
Carl Paladino's met with President Elect Donald Trump recently and his campaign efforts may pay off big as he is reportedly being considered for a position in the Trump Administration.  Do you think Carl Paladino would be a good choice to serve in the Trump Administration...
POLL: Should Carl Paladino Resign?
Do you think Carl Paladino should resign based on his defense of Donald Trump's recently exposed 'Locker Room Talk' comments (video below)?
Carl Paladino is in agreement with Donald Trump regarding his comments such that ...

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