Carl Paladino

WBLK Captures Donald Trump Protesters Dragged Out!
Covering the Donald Trump Rally at Buffalo, NY's First Niagara Center last night was nothing short of a news reporter's "dream come true."  Not only were reporters able to get footage of the man of the hour, but there were other "festivities" worthy…
Should Parents Go To Jail for Truant Children?
Carl Paladino...You've got to be kidding me!!!!  You believe that Parents should face JAIL-TIME or FINES regarding their children s' excessive truancy???????  WHAT??????
I read about this foolish (in my opinion) proposal by long time Local instigator of controversy, Buffalo City School School Board M…
In an email to a supporter, Buffalo school board member Carl Paladino warned newly appointed superintendent Kriner Cash not to "mess with me and be fitted for his career ending casket" and slammed the rest of the board as "incompetent idiots...
2 School Admins NOT CERTIFIED
I'm Baffled!! Please consider these questions with me:

How does ANY PERSON land a job as "School Administrator" (in any capacity) without the proper Certification?
Aren't ALL the Requirements for School Admin Jobs listed SOMEWHERE?
Did Yamilette Williams (Chief of Curri…
Police Knew About Gun?
Fourteen-year-old Myles D. Taylor III fatally shot and killed 16-year-old Kelmyne J. Jones last week. Here are some facts the general public needs to be aware of, according to The Buffalo News and Buffalo School Board member Carl Paladino!