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He Said What?
We all know Bill O'Reily to say some of the most outrageous and crazy things about race matters but this may be one of the worst things I have ever heard him about blacks
Meek Mill Set Free
Surely you have heard, MMG's Meek Mill was released from jail today after a 5 month sentence for violating his parole. Considering the fact that he has an album pretty much done, won't be long before we hear some new music from Meek.
Muhammad Ali Secret Child?
This is something that will surely catch you off guard, Kiiursti Ali, Muhammad Ali's alleged secret love child, has come forward and wants to see her father as he has become as ill as he has. She also wants him to give her away at her upcoming wedding.
Ford Family Sues LAPD
Getty Images
Over shadowed by the tragedy that took place in Ferguson, MO, a similar tragedy took place in Los Angeles as 25 year old, Ezell Ford, who was considered 'ill', was gunned down while being unarmed and posing no threat to police. The family is now suing the LAPD for $75M. Rightfu…

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