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Over shadowed by the tragedy that took place in Ferguson, MO, a similar tragedy took place in Los Angeles as 25 year old, Ezell Ford, who was considered 'ill', was gunned down while being unarmed and posing no threat to police. The family is now suing the LAPD for $75M. Rightfully so.

According to Officers, Ford was shot after a 'struggle' for officer's firearms but multiple eye witnesses give a completely different story saying that Ford was shot in the back by officers.

The family's lawyer, Steve A. Lerman, says that the family is suing the Los Angeles Police Department for punative damages for serious emotional distress, mental suffering and loss of enjoyment of life. They are also seeking compensation for funeral costs. “No millions of dollars or any type of award could bring that young man back to his family, and that is the ultimate tragedy,” Lerman tells the Los Angeles Times.“We cannot tolerate or stand for the continued conduct of abuse, discrimination and racial profiling that allowed this poor man to be shot dead,” Lerman contends.

A deeper investigation of Ford's death is taking place and the coroner's office has a hold of the autopsy at the request of the LAPD until all witnesses come forth.