I honestly don't know why people are  so fascinated with committing crimes on tape or admitting to crimes in interviews. Well popular 18 year old Detroit rapper Teejayx6 actually took it to a whole nother level. His whole music campaign is about him scamming people and he even goes into details during interviews about his crimes. To be real this generation of rappers lie so much for clout I never know whats true and whats trolling these days .

Whelp allegedly it seems his trolling the law finally caught up to him:

Teejayx6 Scamming Wells Fargo

Teejayx6 Scamming Wells Fargo

Teejayx6 Speaking On His Scamming Adventures 

More Visuals of Teejayx6 - Swipe Story

More Visuals of Teejayx6 - Website Scamming 

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