Hip-hop is a competitive sport. Rappers seem to have the need to be better than next MC as if it's coded into their DNA. Some of the greatest rap beefs of all time, like the Bridge Wars between KRS-One and MC Shan during the genres early days, shaped how disagreements are viewed within rap. Other beefs have unfortunately spilled out of the studios and into real violence, but thankfully, most of them stick to the music or a war of words. And oftentimes, the disses are over before fans know it. XXL dives into some of these beefs that ended just as quickly as they began,

Both parties moved on and let bygones be bygones in these cases. The disses are situations that may have been misconstrued, which led to molehills turning in mountains. J. Cole was outwardly a fan of Canibus, and promoted his music's impact on him, even saying the Can-I-Bus album inspired how he comes up with lyrics and his approach to songs. For some reason, in late 2011, Canibus felt this was a slight. The veteran rhymer felt Cole was propping up ’Bus' old music, as opposed to his most recent fare. He even went as far as to drop a diss song called "J-Clone" then apologized days later for dropping the track before Cole could even respond.

There are other rap beefs that were over fast, but also had genuine animosity within them. For about five months in late 2014 and ending in 2015, Drake and Tyga were engaged in an intra-label disagreement. They were both signed to Young Money at the time. Tyga said Drake was "fake" in an October of 2014 Vibe interview. He then dropped a subtle, possible diss track aimed at Drake titled "Make It Work" right after. Whatever was bubbling beneath the surface was now out in public. Drake returned fire via the song "6PM In New York" in February of 2015, as part of his surprise album, If You're Reading This It's Too Late. "You need to act your age, and not your girl's age," was immortalized by Drake. After linking up face to face to handle their business peacefully like men, that was the end of that.

Kanye West and Soulja Boy plus Drake and Common also had some beef that was put to rest fairly quickly, but not before headline-grabbing antics were thrust into the public eye.

Check the gallery below for details on rap beefs that didn't last very long.

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Beefs within rap that ended quickly.

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