Atlanta rapper turned actor, T.I, speaks out on CNN about racial profiling and police affairs. 

Our nation has been ripped apart by police affairs as related to race. There have been several police involved murders that raise the question of racial profiling within police affairs. The rift has summoned the voices of some of entertainment's biggest names to speak their mind on the issues in our society.

One of those celebs was T.I. who went on CNN to talk about recent issues of police brutality in reference to the African American community.

 "I agree completely with the commissioner," T.I. said. "We're not calling for the death of anyone. We're calling for the death of our people to end. And I believe just as there are government funded-task forces for other crime syndicate units — whether it was the mafia, whether it's terrorists, whether it's the Hip Hop cops — I believe that these police officers, who hide behind their badges and abuse their authority, they deserve just as much attention from the federal government and the other people who can put some regulation to their actions."

What do you think about T.I's comments?

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