Press Pass: Lamont Scott’s shooting & Charlotte Protesting
Hundreds of people have been protesting the shooting of Terence Crutcher in Charlotte each of the past four nights. Though it has been quieter recently, the days before were violent, and one protester was shot dead.
Still in Charlotte despite the protesting more killings has happened
Lemon / Smiley GO AT IT!!
Don Lemon interviewed Tavis Smiley LIVE on CNN and the conversation got seriously and surprisingly HEATED when they began talking about President Obama response to the protests going on all over the Country regarding the recent non-indictments of Officers who have shot and killed unarmed African-Ame…
Talib Kweli Goes off on CNN [VID]
Rapper Talib Kweli is down in Ferguson, MO peacefuly protesting, but has been harassed by the militarized Police. In this video he fights to tell his story to CNN reporter Don Lemon.
I find it funny that Don Lemon didn't address Talib by name because he didn't know how to pronounce it...
Rodman CNN Interview [VIDEO]
I have a VERY STRONG opinion regarding Dennis Rodman and his dealings with North Korea... but I'm anxious to hear what you think.
Watch the INTERVIEW and following videos and let me know what your opinion is:
It is a known fact that mankind originated from Africa and there has been plenty of evidence to prove it as well. Craig Cobb has made international headlines with what he wants to do in a small North Dakota town.
Check out what happens when Trisha Goddard of “The Trisha Show&CloseCurlyDoubleQuo…
Don Lemon for the most part sided the other day with Bill O’Reilly, who had some very interesting things to say about what he thinks is happening in the African-American community.

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