While we get plenty of snow here in Western New York, some storms seem to stand out more than others.  Luckily, we've got pictures to keep them straight.

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Do you remember where you were on the night of the October storm?  Not to be confused with Snowvember.  That one was a good one too, but the surprise October storm came in at night.

It was one of those storms where people can remember mowing their lawns one day and being buried in their homes the next.  It was so early in the season, very few people took the warnings to heart.  A lot of them thought it was just going to be another overhyped storm that would fizzle once daybreak hit.  But then it didn't.

The Buffalo Airport recorded 22.6 inches of snow in just a few hours.

I remember it very clearly because I was on the air for the night shift at the time.  I worked from 7-midnight and I was watching the weather forecast all night as the snow quickly made its way into Western New York.  I saw grass on the way in, then got buried in while I was at work.  There was so much snow on my vehicle that there was no way I could even move it.  It was literally buried in front of the Rand building.

I stayed the night here at the station that night.  It wasn't the first time (or the last) that I just stayed here but it was the first night that I was stuck waiting for someone to relieve me.  None of the morning show was able to make it in that morning.  So I got woken up by the overnight guy telling me that I needed to get back on the air to cover the morning show.  I had no idea what I was doing...but I kept us on the air!

Most people that lived through that have stories about where they were and what happened at their house that night.  Some even have pictures.  I asked people to share them on Facebook and this is what I got.  What you'll notice is the difference in the amount of snow that some people got.  Some got a ton...others got nothing at all...

The other thing you'll notice is how many leaves are still on the trees.  Because the storm came so early in the year, many of the leaves still hadn't fallen off of the branches.  That gave the snow a little extra something to cling to and made many of the branches heavier than they normally would have.  That created more branches to break off and fall into streets blocking roads.

Western New Yorkers' Pictures Of The Surprise October Storm

Pics from The 2006 Buffalo October Snowstorm

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