One Buffalo organization, Open Buffalo and volunteers surveyed about 2,000 people from around Western New York to find out what Buffalo residents think of the Buffalo Police Department.

They surveyed to discover "the community’s perceptions and attitudes toward the Buffalo Police Department," Open Buffalo explains. The surveys were conducted at public grocery stores, through neighborhoods and train stations, in coordination with churches and community groups, and via community talks. Surveys were conducted in English, Spanish, Burmese-Karen and Nepali.

Here are the results:

  • 51% believe Buffalo Police officers will help them when in need
  • 50% have a great impression on the Buffalo Police Department
  • 31% think the police do not respect women
  • 53% think police do not respect young people
  • 60% think the BPD does not respect people of color

According to WIVB:

Mayor Brown said Buffalo Police do have a community policing program in place where officers attend block club meetings and neighborhood events just to talk with residents...Police stations are open once a month so the public can talk with officers.