I'm really trying to figure out the Republican behalf of our Government upon watching the State of the Union Address last night.  John Boehner sat behind President Obama last night as stone faced as "The Thing" and it seemed to hurt any Republican to clap for anything the President said last night.

Also, after the speech, the republican response seemed unanimous... President Obama's speech was FLAT, DISAPPOINTING, POLITICALLY BASED, and one gentleman went wayyyyy off the deep end threatening to throw a Reporter over the Balcony for asking a question of him unrelated to the State of the union Address.

Now Here's a Response Was Published To YouTube Just Yesterday... REALLY!!!!!? It's so Highly Produced I'm Curious As To How They Put All This Together So Quickly..... Unless It Was Already Produced Ahead of Time....hmmmmmmm

Another Response:

Republican Michael Grimm Threatens To Throw Reporter Over The Balcony: