It can be scary to think about all the things that can happen through social media, especially when it can be so difficult to keep tabs on everything your child may be doing on the internet. 

Until it becomes a report, of course. 

There have been several reports over the last year of threats and violence that have surfaced on TikTok, but it can happen on any social media platform – including Snapchat. 

Over the weekend, the Niagara County Sheriff’s Office received a report about a violent Snapchat photo, indicating that there may be premeditated violence planned against Starpoint Middle School.

The Niagara County Sheriff’s Office opened up an investigation, and they ended up making an arrest of one student (whose name was not released as they are a minor). 

The reported Snapchat photo resulted in the middle schooler at Starpoint being charged with a felony after making a terroristic threat, according to the authorities. 

After the arrest, the student was able to be released to the custody of his parents, but he is expected to appear at Niagara County Probation in the coming weeks. 

The Sheriff spoke on behalf of the police department, promising to “investigate all school threats and take the appropriate action.”

Special thanks to our friends at WIVB Channel 4 for initially breaking word of the story. 

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