Much controversy has surfaced regarding Standardized Testing in New York State with Parents vowing to "Opt" their children "Out" of taking "the test".

There are many issues surrounding Parents' decisions to have their kids "Opt Out" of testing.  One issue is the opposition to the "Common Core Curriculum" which many parents say is too difficult for many students to grasp as they favor the Traditional Academic Curriculum they're used to.  Other parents are bothered by the Teacher / District Evaluation Process whereas the test scores are used to evaluate whether students are "At Task" (on pace) with respect to what and how much they're learning and comprehending... it's the State's way of gauging whether the "Common Core Curriculum" is working or not.

My opinion is that It seems the testing would be beneficial in identifying weaknesses in schools pertaining to Teachers and the District itself.  Are Teachers doing their jobs?  Is the District holding Teachers accountable?  The testing, as NYS is proposing, will answer these questions.

Take the Poll below and tell us if you're child will or will not 'OPT OUT" and WHY!!!!



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