Opening day was yesterday for Buffalo's newest Soul Food spot, replacing GiGi's, inside Northland Workforce Training Center.

According to news reports, the Manna @ Northland (Manna Culinary Group) Operators are Tina Grant-Holt, a long-time educator at Emerson School, and chefs Dale Holt and Reginald Ingram.  Dale Holt and Reginald Ingram and Chief Director of Operations, Dale Holt, said this to assure people Manna @ Northland is not a Hi & Bye operation as was the former restaurant:

" We're gonna be here because we're going to have an impact with good food, good atmosphere, great gospel and jazz music on Sundays.

"WBLK Congratulates the Manna Culinary Group with wishes of longevity and prosperity!

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