We hear all the time why it's important to fill out the United States census, and I don't think it's for all the negative or conspiracy theories that a lot of people talk about. In most cases, your local leaders need to see that information in order to deal with situations like child poverty rates.

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Six school districts in Western New York have child poverty rates that are greater than 30%, which means that one out of every five children is below the poverty line, I feel that the Buffalo school districts do a pretty good job dealing with the toll and pressure that can put on a family and children individually, by mandating school uniforms and offering free lunch.

According to WGRZ, Buffalo City Schools has the region's worst poverty problem, with over 15,000 of its 39,847 school-age children living below the poverty line, which is a youth poverty rate of 38.1%.

The Census Bureau establishes a new series of poverty thresholds each year, other school districts with poverty rates just over 30% are Lackawanna, Dunkirk, Jamestown, Belfast, and Niagara Falls. This speaks right to the issue of why we must stay informed, and involved with what's happening in our community and school districts to help better this current situation.

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