Hopefully you were able to soak up the sunshine when you could this week, because this weekend is about to take a drastic shift.

For Thursday, you will want to make sure you have an umbrella in your car, as rain is expected to hit later in the morning. However, the skies should clear up by the afternoon, with some sunshine poking through, so that would be a good time to take your daily walk unless you are planning on a “rain check,” (see what I did there?)

Enough puns, ok I’ll stop. You can take a look below at Mike Cejka’s weather forecast as given this morning on Channel 4.

Cejka also gave his weather predictions for Easter weekend, which are as follows:

"Saturday is looking drippier than [Wednesday]. It turns cold enough across the hills for perhaps a few wet flurries Sunday.

Rain showers on Saturday look like they will dry up by the afternoon, and while there are some flurries expected on Sunday, it does not seem likely that any snow would stick as the temperatures are expected to be above freezing on Easter.

However, another weather map was tweeted out just a few hours later, showing how much snow is expected by hour on Easter Sunday in Western New York.

"JUST REMEMBER…..I have nothing to do with this!" Cejka tweeted.

While the wet flurries likely will not stick, there may be some light snow coatings on the hills.

One can only hope we have a clear forecast for Dyngus Day celebrations!

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