Shake My Head: According to TMZ Floyd Mayweather was arrested in Las Vegas last night, in connection with a warrant that was issued for his arrest for allegedly assaulting a security guard. Did he think he could run from the law??

Come on Son!!!! If you know you have an arrest warrant out, the police are looking for you, and your a well known celebrity, why the hell would you go to a casino on the strip???!!! Like no one would recognize you?? Really though?? Come on now! You were asking for it. And sure enough, you got it.

This all stemmed from an incident when a security guard patrolling Floyd's gated community claims the boxer poked him in the face, when confronted about a parking violation. Some reports say Mayweather punched him in the face. If convicted Mayweather can get a max sentence of 6 months in jail.

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