The A Capella hit TV show The Sing Off came back for another amazing season! Tonight is the finale of season 3 and Pentatonix is my pick!

Since their premiere episode, Pentatonix had the same affect on me as the previous season's winners, Committed. Just a few adjectives to describe Pentatonix: phenomenal, amazing, passionate, entertaining, wonderful, captivating, etc.

For their first performance, Pentatonix performed an extraterrestrial version of Katy Perry's "ET" --> Watch it here!! From the beginning of their selection, to the very end, I was convinced that I had seen greatness and that I was watching the winners of the competition this season.

Pentatonix has a great way of reinventing songs and adding their own flare to them. Their creative use of sound effects never ceases to amaze me. A good representation of their use of effects is their performance of Kesha's "Your Love Is My Drug."

Kevin & Avi were responsible for the drum/bass/effects in the group and, almost every performance, they were the ones to get their props first. The fact that the group is only 5 deep makes them all the more mind-blowing. Scott, Kirstin and Mitch are the esteemed vocalists of the group. The other factor they have in common? The 3 singers are all only 19!

Here's 1 of my favorite performances from Pentatonix for you to enjoy that got this season's FIRST standing ovation by the judges (Sara Bareilles, Shawn Stockman, and Ben Folds). The song? "Let's Get It On" by the Legend, Mr. Marvin Gaye.

Now, of course, Pentatonix wasn't the only group to impress me. I also LOVED the group hailing from Howard University full of soul, Afro Blue. I also loved the all female powerhouse group, Delilah and the all male group, the Dartmouth Aires. BUT. Pentatonix is my numero uno! I mean, Shawn said it himself "You're redamndiculous!!" I would have to agree.

Host Nich Lachey has been very refreshing throughout the season. Over 3,000,000 votes later, the announcement is only MOMENTS away and y'all already know I'm LOCKED to my TV! Enjoy :)

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