This has become a real trend in the last couple of years with a lot of company's starting to , allow employers to offer low-cost emergency loans as an employee benefit.

I like the idea, because employees don't have to borrow from a outside source and be taxed such a dreadful amount. Plus most people work hard for their company, and they should be taking care of when things get tuff.

Here is a example of a company that is using technology to make this concept happen.

PayActiv uses a  app-based service that sends earned wages to a bank account or prepaid debit card. The company then charges employees a flat membership fee of $5 that includes three chances per month to withdraw pay. It also offers financial counseling and budgeting tools.

Askin in Palo Alto, California, has a mobile app that asks for your time sheet and lets you cash out a portion of the money you’ve earned before your pay date. The company asks for an optional “tip,” which is deducted from your regular paycheck.

I like all these concepts, this could be the future of Payday lending.

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