Halloween is one of many children and adults alike favorite time of the year. There's no question that this year is putting a scare in many Americans in the U.S.

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According to WIVB, the CDC recommends that people do not participate in trick-or-treating activities this year. The top U.S public health agency caused some confusion recently, with a post that was on their website on how the coronavirus can be spread through the air. The post has been taking down, but their position hasn't changed.

It was a honest mistake when a draft update was posted before going through a full editing and approval process.

Said, Dr. Jay Butler the CDC's deputy director for infectious diseases, according to WIVB

According to WIVB, most CDC guidance recommends that staying six feet apart is a safe buffer from people that are not wearing a mask. When it comes to celebrating Halloween by going door to door for some treats, here are some other ideas that you may enjoy from the CDC.

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