Halloween is one of many children and adults alike favorite time of the year. There's no question that this year is putting a scare in many Americans in the U.S.

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According to WIVB, the CDC recommends that people do not participate in trick-or-treating activities this year. The top U.S public health agency caused some confusion recently, with a post that was on their website on how the coronavirus can be spread through the air. The post has been taking down, but their position hasn't changed.

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It was a honest mistake when a draft update was posted before going through a full editing and approval process.

Said, Dr. Jay Butler the CDC's deputy director for infectious diseases, according to WIVB

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According to WIVB, most CDC guidance recommends that staying six feet apart is a safe buffer from people that are not wearing a mask. When it comes to celebrating Halloween by going door to door for some treats, here are some other ideas that you may enjoy from the CDC.