Imagine the Buffalo Bills as the "BUFFALO BLACKS" -- or how about the Pittsburgh Picaninnys? Or maybe the New York Nigs or the Baltimore Jungle Bunnies? Oh here's one -- The Washington Redskins. (Wait a minute...that IS a team name!!!)

The term "Redskin", as defined in the dictionary, reads as the following:

1. REDSKIN: An offensive and derogatory term referring to Native Americans. Comes from when the government paid for each 'indian' one killed. Instead of carrying the bodies, they would take the scalps to prove they had murdered a Native American.

When plural, the name of a NFL team from Washington, DC.

It seems there is a too common belief that the word Redskin is not offensive, so I dare those who believe that to go try that word out on a Native American person and see their reaction.

Here's the other definition.

2. REDSKIN: A homosexual football player. A professional NFL football player who is also gay.

I'm personally appalled that the owner of the Washington Redskins WILL NOT change the name of the team because the name is worth too much money!!!!

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