Tonight's Scenario comes from a female listener who wrote me saying this:

“My best friend wanted me to hook her up with one of my boyfriend’s homeboys. He is an attractive guy but my boyfriend told me and I witnessed on so many occasions that he has some issues with women. I gave her the heads up that he wasn't about nothing he beats on women and is sleeping with everything that moves.

He doesn’t have a job and has women take care of him. I didn’t go into all of the details my boyfriend told me because I didn’t want to sound I was hating on him. She still continues to talk about him and is really salty at me because I won't introduce her to him. I told her id he was interested in you he would approach you.

I'm I in the wrong? Yea I know we are grown but right is right and as a friend I think it was the right thing to do. Help her out should she introduce her friend to Mr. Wrong ?

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