DJ Supreme posted this video on the WBLK Website Friday night and I happened to see it this Saturday morning.... and just as Supreme expressed his distaste for the video of Six Year-Old, Albert Roundtree Jr. from South Florida... I cannot believe it either and I don't understand!


Here's what I can't understand.  Why aren't the parents being arrested, or at least investigated by Child Protective Services for exploiting a child, OR SOMETHING!!!!  If I were to shoot a video like this in my backyard by my pool (wish I had a pool in this heat) and invited a bunch of females over, handed out bikinis, started pumpin some music. and told my six year - old son to come out and get in the mix and I'm video taping females dancing with their butts in his face..and on top of that...hand him a big squirt gun, which looks like a phallic symbol, and he's shooting water out of it at the females to mimic ejaculating on them...AND THEN posted this video on YouTube...DO YOU THINK I'D HAVE PROBLEMS FROM THE LOCAL CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES DIVISION?

Am I taking this too far?  Is this just acceptable now within "OUR CULTURE" such that it's now okay for Six Year-Olds to be exploited and used to make money based on some soft porn sex video?  Are the Authorities looking at this from the angle that "THIS JUST WHAT BLACK PEOPLE DO IN THEIR VIDEOS...SO IT'S EXPECTED AND OKAY?  I don't know about you but this is pissin' me off... I really want to call CPS!!!  I feel badly for this six year-old little boy and the hundreds of thousands of young people who will see this and think it's cool  when it becomes viral.

WATCH THIS!... What do YOU think?