There are a few artist that I admire and since knowing him he has always been one of my favorite. I first met him as a rap artist and grown to learn of his many halls of art that he has. I like to call him a modern day renaissance man but honestly he is simple ART himself.

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Who am I talking about? Well, I am talking about the one and only Edreys Wajed. You have seen his art on walls throughout the city of Buffalo and if you don't know who he is allow me to share exactly what

Edreys Wajed is a catalyst of inspiration and a walking enterprise of all things creative. The Buffalo native boasts a toolbox chock-full with talents and experiences ranging from a visual artist, jewelry designer and musical entertainer, to an educator and entrepreneur with notable recognitions respectfully in each. His approach in each endeavor is soundly unique, high quality and signature in presentation, having found his course as a creator early in life.

As early as 14 years of age, when his mother invested in a pair of hair clippers for him, seeing as she could no longer afford to pay for his haircuts, Edreys taught himself the trade of barbering and soon began making money for himself in the basement of his childhood home. With his artistic ability he also began growing a client base and reputation for customized hats and clothes as well as logo design by hand, long before learning graphics in college. His creativity, craftsmanship and passion to inspire people are what drives his spirit of entrepreneurship.


From having run his own stationery boutique and art gallery shared with his equally talented wife, Alexa; touring nationally and internationally as a hip hop artist, Edreys is exceptionally diverse with his avenues of expression, including the fine craft of jewelry making, passed down from his father, master craftsman Amon Ra. Edreys may be most recognized locally for his contribution as one of 4 artists on Freedom Wall mural, commissioned by the Albright-Knox Art Gallery. More recently, steadily evolving, he has developed a new artistic presence and voice in the form of musically inspired paintings, where unique mark making and rhythmic movement have become a signature style. Edreys refers to this new style as “Check Out My Melody,” which made an incredible impression and impact in May/July 2019, first presented to the community in a sold-out show and exhibit. Most recently, he’s had his paintings become a part of the Burchfield-Penney Arts Center and The Roswell Cancer Center permanent art collections.

Regardless of what hat Edreys is wearing, he perpetually moves forward and upward with courage and curiosity, proudly proclaiming, “Creativity is my neighbor, I live by it.”

Now that you had the the chance to learn a bit about Edreys lets talk about his latest opportunity. So Sunday afternoon as I scrolled through my Facebook stats and collect my local news and opinions from my community I was brought to joy when I came across Edreys's stat that read the following"

"the long of it:
firstly, Lex and I haven’t even found time to toast or celebrate in any fashion besides a high-five at best in regards to this art placement. (Original painting is slightly different in second slide, as I was still messing around with it after submission which was 2 years ago, roughly. completed in 2021.)
secondly, shout out @happisplace for being a selfless arts advocate, brilliant, with trusted integrity, for making this opportunity possible. I’ll always trust your creative guidance and vision. you didn’t HAVE to, yet you did, and that speaks loudly to your kind nature. thank you.
thirdly, many of you sent me messages either asking if this was my work or straight up saying “yooo…I saw your work on Insecure,” with 100% confidence. I’m grateful for those that are so familiar with the work I’ve been crafting.
finally, shout out @insecurehbo @issarae for the intent and follow-through on lifting black voices, life, creativity and the arts.
we’ve made prints available on @eatoffart
it’s name/title is “back to life” as in the incomparable JAM by Soul 2 Soul."
This opportunity is just a testament to the integrity, consistency and amazing artist Edreys is. Not only is he an amazing artist but his entire family is as well. Learn more at Although I have yet to watch Insecure on HBO (don't judge me), I am now excited to dive in especially because Buffalo is present and representing. Congrats Edreys!
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