Reportedly there have been on-going problems at Checkmate Bar & Grill.  I stress "REPORTEDLY" due to the fact that I was not there and cannot confirm the "rumors".  I'm making that clear because there seems to be more here than meets the eye, or ear for that matter.  I'm saying this because the reputation the Lovejoy area has as a Racist Community in Buffalo far surpasses any "rumors" of problems at Checkmate Bar & Grill.

The desire throughout the Lovejoy Community has been clear that the business was not welcome since Checkmate Bar & Grill opened it's doors, with petitions generated to close the bar down.  WHY??? The petitions came upon there being no problems whatsoever...the only PERCEIVED problem (in my opinion) was that "Black Folks Are Opening A Bar And There Would Be Violence".  The Community's hopes of closing this bar down permanently are factual as I have personally spoken with the original owner of the bar and seen paperwork regarding such.  So this reporting that is taking place in the media regarding there having been "ongoing problems" at Checkmate Bar & Grill are speculative at best due to the racist nature of that community to begin with.  Are there other Black Businesses anywhere in that vicinity...I'm not sure but none that I've seen or am aware of...but I could be all the wrong.

Now the other side of the opinion.

It's appalling to me whenever the African-American Culture / Community, etc (which I am proudly an part of) frankly, "gives *them* what they expect".  As I mentioned above, there is almost always the "expectation" that a Black Bar will bring "PROBLEMS".  The "them" I'm referring to are the people who think ill of African-Americans in general, with no leg to stand on regarding any proof that "all Black People are a problem".  There are bad people in every race, but regarding African-Americans, one does wrong and it's a reflection upon all of us (Black People).  I will admit there ARE some in our Afrcian-American Community who are ignorant enough to completely ignore this FACT and walk around acting like wild animals with no sense whatsoever.  This can be said of the fools and foolishness that took place at Checkmate Bar & Grill this past week with a fight and shooting that took place, leaving one person in Critical Condition. It upsets me so much that "we" as an African-Community are decent people but looked upon as animals by those who are racist...but then  what do the 1% IGNORANT among us in our own Community do.... they VALIDATE the Racists by fighting and shooting and making the entire Culture look SAVAGE.

A Bar has only so much control over it's patrons, but at the same time, bar owners should be aware of who they're attracting.  Many Club / Bar owners are so money hungry that they'll go to any lengths to attract WHOEVER, for the purposes of "MAKING MONEY".  Bar Owners with this type of mentality NEED NOT OWN ANY BAR ANYWHERE ON it a Bar Owner of any persuasion nationality.  It's just ridiculous to think you can run an establishment that sells liquor and add to that potentially irresponsible act of drinking too much, with some Super Hyped Up "Party Atmosphere"...what do they expect to happen?  CHAOS..eventually...and it only take ones.

So with respect to Checkmate Bar & Grill, the "RUMORS" have unfortunately been CONFIRMED as valid and true, as evidenced by this shooting that has taken in my opinion, there is no place in our community, or any community, for ANY establishments that are going to place a blemish on the Community it "represents"...and believe me...any African-American Owned Business "REPRESENTS" the African-American's just unfortunate that the businesses which are run in a professional fashion and are successful...are under-exposed in comparison to the African-American businesses that are a "PROBLEM".  Those "PROBLEM" establishments are the ones "we" don't need...including the business mentality that focuses on making money at any cost, even if it means someone losing a life or being Critically injured, simply to lace the pockets of the greedy.  With that you can probably determine what my answer would be for Checkmate or any other establishment continuing to do business ANYWHERE.

What's your opinion?

Shooting At Checkmate Bar & Grill Leaves One Person In Critical Condition:

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