The Buffalo City School District is transferring 54 Teachers from low performing schools. Now I'm gonna be honest with you...beyond that statement, I have NO IDEA what's really going on..nor do I understand the whole thing. My misunderstanding is in part due to trying to understand the report in The Buffalo News which is just over my head...or it's just too vague. If it's me I'll accept that...I don't profess to be anywhere closely related to the "Smartest Person On This Earth" (well at least I'm being honest).

What I THINK I understand about it is this:

  • 54 Teachers are being involuntarily transferred....which means the Teachers have no say in the matter
  • There's some Arbitration Agreement going on which is being appealed and based on that appeal, the district remains eligible for more than $5 Million in Federal School Improvement Plan Funds for Drew Science Magnet, Bilingual 33, and Furures Academy, according to The Buffalo News. (I can admit I don't understand what the Arbitration Agreement is all about and I don't understand how transferring the Teachers helps the low-performing schools...OR...why the $5 Million isn't being allocated to the low-performing schools).

CAN SOMEONE (Teachers, Administrators, etc) SHED SOME LIGHT ON THIS WHOLE SITUATION AND EDUCATE ME AND THE GENERAL PUBLIC AS TO WHAT IS GOING ON!!!!!!  Teachers...Administrators...please comment below and help me (us) understand all of this.

Now it may be a bit premature without understanding all that's going on...but... it seems that transferring teachers out of low performing schools IS NOT in the best interest of the students in those schools....AND...if the Buffalo City District is sacrificing any child's learning in exchange for $5 Million of federal Funding money.... I SAY NOOOOOOO!

What do you think about all of this?  Here's a link to the story in the Buffalo News this morning...maybe you'll have a better understanding of the whole situation than I do:

I found a video from 2008 on YouTube promoting The Buffalo Public School it indicative of The Buffalo School District in 2012?

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