This has to be one of the BIGGEST DUMMIES, I have heard about in a long time. This idiots name is Lance Laird he is running for county sheriff but he is on probation for domestic violence. He had to take a random drug test and his results came up positive for cocaine.

Here is how it went down in court according to"Mr. Laird, I'm not sure whether you're going to make this election for sheriff or not," Mazur said before imposing a sentence in the matter. "Candidly, I doubt it."

Laird, on probation for a domestic violence charge to which he pleaded no contest in March 2011, tested positive for cocaine when tested on June 16, according to information presented in court. The 57-day sentence is the remainder of Laird's 93-day maximum sentence for the domestic violence charge. Laird already spent 36 days in jail for the original charge and other violations.

During his violation hearing Tuesday, Laird accused Tammy Sanders, the woman he allegedly assaulted, of putting something in his stuff to create the positive test. Laird attempted to play a recording of Sanders admitting to "putting stuff in my things," he said. The audio could not be heard by Mazur or anyone else in the courtroom.

Mazur asked Laird what the essence of the recording was, and Laird replied, "She said, yeah, I put stuff in your sh///." He can't be serious ??? This man is actually running for a political office and this is the best excuse he can come up with.