Twenty-seven-year-old Sevyn Streeter plays well with others, but she excels on her own. After a four-year stint as a member of RichGirl, the singer has written hits for Alicia Keys ('New Day'), Chris Brown ('Yeah 3x,' 'Fine China') and, most recently, Ariana Grande ('The Way'). With her new song, 'It Won’t Stop,' now on the airwaves and Brown's CBE label backing her, it's safe to say she's been doing pretty well as a solo act.

There's still a lot of work to be done, however. She's currently touring the East Coast, prepping the release of her seven-track EP, 'Call Me Crazy, But...,' and working on her debut solo album, due next year. Her main focus? Putting out music her fans can relate to. 'Call Me Crazy, But...' revolves around one of the most relatable topics: relationships.

“The ‘But’ is very important because it’s basically talking about the cycles of a relationship. The up, the downs; the good, the bad; the pretty and the ugly," she tells The Boombox. "These are things that you go through in relationships because a lot of times you get into it with your significant other and you’re like, ‘Oh my God. He’s acting crazy.’ But if you hear them out, there’s a reason for being like this. “’Call Me Crazy, But…’ you just told me you were going to do one thing and you did the complete opposite. ‘Call Me Crazy, But…’ didn’t you just lie about this.

The southern belle specifically details a song on the EP that highlights a rocky romance. "One of the records is called ‘Shattered’ and it’s just talking about how you’re at this place in a relationship where you’re going through it and you don’t quite know if you’re going to make it through. You’re pointing fingers, I’m pointing fingers, throwing stones at a glass house and it shatters.”

Crazy moments have always been part of Streeter's life -- both good and bad. Although none have been PR nightmares, the singer has had some "OMG" moments. Check out Sevyn Streeter's Seven Crazy Moments.

  • 1

    Finding Out Ariana Grande's 'The Way' Reached Billboard Top 10

    “I don’t want to say that I never thought that would happen, but there’s a huge part of you that’s like, ‘I can’t believe this happened.’ I’ve been looking at the charts all my life praying I could have a song, so that was a really crazy moment for me.

    “That was a real cool moment. An unexpected moment because I wrote the record with Jordin Sparks and a friend of mine named [Al Sherrod Lambert] produced it. I left and went on the road and came back. Ariana cut it and I heard it and it was amazing. Next thing we know we got a No. 1 record. That was shocking.”

  • 2

    Performing at 2013 Black Girls Rock Awards

    “That freaked me out to be quite honest, but the whole ride has been really good. I have no complaints over here. I am happy.”

  • 3

    Splurging After Landing a Record Deal

    “I don’t know if it was crazy, but for me it was more than I ever spent on something like that. I bought my mom a Louis [Vuitton] bag. For some it may not be a big deal, but for me it was a big deal. I always wanted to buy her one, and I got her that. It meant everything to me.

    “One thing that was really dope for me was that my dad had a ’78 Corvette. ’78 or ’76 Corvette all my life. It always needed to be fixed up. I remember it’s just been sitting in the driveway for years, and I got it fixed from top to bottom for his birthday. His birthday was last December so it was his Christmas-slash-birthday present. That felt really great because he loved that car all my life and when times were really hard for my family, he was thinking about selling it. I always told him, ‘No, don’t sell your car. You love that car. I’m gonna get it fixed for you one day.’ It don’t get no better than that for me.”

  • 4

    Meeting Beyonce for the First Time

    “I went on tour with Beyonce when I was in Rich Girl and that was… something I will tell my kids for years and years and years to come. That’s like saying I toured with Michael Jackson. That will be something I will forever cherish.

    “I also got to sit in the studio and share my thoughts and create a song with Alicia Keys, who is one of the greatest artists of our time. That was amazing.”

    “Beyonce actually came to our dressing room during our second show. She came to our dressing room and said, ‘Thank you for being on our tour.’ Thank us? No, thank you! She was sweet and I actually got a chance to write some stuff for her a couple of months ago. Some friends of mine, we came up to New York and I got to be around her again. Just being around her presence and they cherish and respect their craft so much that you can just see it. I can talk about it forever so you might want to shut me up.”

  • 5

    Embracing 'Freaked Out' Fans

    “I had a cool moment the other day. I just did Powerhouse in Philly for Power 99. Before we got there, we were driving through New York and we drove up. We stopped at the rest stop and me and my best friend… we're in there for brunch for chips or something. There were these two girls at the counter. It was so funny because they were standing right in front of me.

    "Right in front of me they were talking to each other. ‘Oh, I think that’s her.’ I was standing right in front of them it was just funny. I walked off and they were like, 'I think that’s Sevyn, I think that’s Sevyn Streeter.' But I was only two feet away, so I turned around and I was just like, ‘Hi.’ They freaked out and the ran from around the counter and just freaked out and lost it.”

  • 6

    Wearing a Horrible Outfit

    “I had a show… It was somewhere in the south. I just decided to put my own outfit together that day. For the most part I think I did all right, but that day I don’t know what I was thinking. I had these flower tights and this harness around my waist, this short black shirt and my hair was kind of super-duper curly but not curled the right way. It was just not cute. It felt cute when I was performing and then I saw the pictures and I was like, ‘OK.’ I was like I  need to fire all my friends because they should’ve told me.”

  • 7

    Saying Goodbye

    “I have a hard time getting over an ex. Getting over an ex is just hard, period. I think in my life I have so many things that changed so much with work and my career, and I don’t really get to plan out a lot of my days. So when I have something that’s familiar -- just something that’s there -- I don’t really like to switch it up.

    "So if I’ve been with somebody for a couple of years or whatever and we break up, it may take me a minute to really, really truly let go because that’s the one area of my life that I really have control of. Everything else in my life is evolving and changing, and I don’t really have a lot of say on how my days go. I think that is the crazy part of my love and me and my relationships. It’s kind of hard to say goodbye sometimes for me.”

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