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Chris Brown Dances In "Loyal"
All the new music videos in one place, every week! NewTube Thursday March 27th features Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa, Mila J, Sevyn Streeter & 50 Cent.
Sevyn Streeter Talks Being #1
Today I had the chance to speak to one of the most talented singer-songwriters in the game right now. Sevyn Streeter has come along way from the girl group Rich Girl, and now she is enjoying success as a solo artist on tour with K Michelle.
Sevyn Streeter’s 7 Craziest Career Moments
Twenty-seven-year-old Sevyn Streeter plays well with others, but she excels on her own. After a four-year stint as a member of RichGirl, the singer has written hits for Alicia Keys ('New Day'), Chris Brown ('Yeah 3x,' 'Fine China') and, most recently, Ariana Grande ('The Way'). With her new song, 'I…
It Wont Stop & Primetime Vids
Don't Get "Paranoid", the NewTube "Hop Is Back" and "It Won't Stop"! You know we can "Never Surrender" to the forces that would prevent us from bringing you the hottest music videos of the week on demand and in &qu…