Serena Williams is the Queen of the Tennis Court with her 5th US Open and 17th Grand Slam Victory Sunday night! She sits down for an intimate interview about the 2hr 45 min final match against Victoria Azarenka.

The ladies had to play through a "Windstorm" that the Queen admits, affected her game.

"It was killing me," she said. "My dress was just going everywhere, and I couldn't quite get control and I kept missing shots. You know, granted, (Azarenka) was playing in the same conditions and I just -- you know, at some point, she was actually just playing better and handling the conditions better than me. But particularly on that side...was really tough."

But even with unfavorable conditions, Serena pulled out with a 'W' and defeated Victoria 7-5, 6-7, 6-1

I was watching the game with my daughter Caliena Williams when her eyes lit up while proclaiming "She has my name"! LOL I responded, "Serena does sound like Caliena, but that could be you one day if you practice everyday and never give up!". She Smiled with inspiration in her eyes!

Way to be a role model. YOU GO GIRL!!

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