The windstorm that started to blow through Western New York on Tuesday, January 9, 2024, and brought hurricane-force winds with it is leaving its mark on the 716 as the storm continues for a second day.

While winds are expected to slow down some for the peak gusts that Western New York saw yesterday, the winds are still likely to be quite extreme, causing the National Weather Service to issue another Wind Advisory.

Wind gusts, which officials expect to peak around 50 mph today, caused schools around Western New York to either cancel classes or after-school activities. Those strong winds also knocked out powers to several people all over New York State, including more than 50,000 right here in the 716.

Winds Cause Power Outages All Over Buffalo Area and New York State

Officials from National Grid and New York State Electric and Gas are reporting tens of thousands of power outages all over New York State. Western New York is hit especially hard, according to data that's available from the two power utilities.

New York State Electric and Gas
New York State Electric and Gas
National Grid
National Grid

NYSEG is reporting that more than 57,000 people in their service area are without power today, with at least 10,000 of those folks in Erie County alone. National Grid reports more than 70,000 people are without power in Western and Central New York.

Both utilities have issued various estimated times of restoral for their customers. Updates on their progress can be found on the website for each utility; you can click here for National Grid and click here for New York State Electric and Gas.

If these winds weren't enough to worry about, officials from the National Weather Service are advising to prepare for lake effect snow as a storm is on the horizon for Western New York.

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