Saturday night  Serena Williams lost in the U.S. Open to Australian Samantha Stosur. Serena held the Grand Slam title for five years and it was a surprising ending when she lost to Stosur in straight sets 6-2 and  6-3.

Seeming a bit frustrated Serena approached the umpire to say "aren't you the won who screwed me over last time here? Do you have it out for me"? Analyst's went on to  call her disrespectful, classless, and unattractive. I think that was a little harsh because athletes talk trash to officials all the time. But, Serena has a history of these outbursts and was fined for it years ago.

Serena appeared a bit fatigue throughout the match and it may be due to a previous injury. Serena suffered defeat, but she looked great doing it (her outfit was was cute as usual)!

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