WBLK sends well wishes and prayers to Rick Ross for a speedy recovery after an apparent Heart Attack, sources say.  If you'd like to join WBLK in sending an encouraging message to Rick Ross, simply record a short video ion your phone or device and e-mail your SHORT VIDEO to todd.anderson@townsquaremedia.com

Just about everyone is concerned for Rick Ross who, according to News Sources, is still in a Miami hospital.  No reports as to whether he remains on a Life-Support machine.  However there are disturbing unconfirmed reports that Rapper 50 Cent posted a less than compassionate message to or about Rick Ross.

Supposedly, 50 and Rick are not the best of friends and have some type of long-time feud going on.  Reports say that 50 posted a sex video of Rick Ross's wife having sex, which catapulted their argument into a FULL-FLEDGED BEEF!  Now, with Rick Ross in the hospital where some say he is fighting for his life and others say he is fine (according to News reports), 50 posted a very disturbing message to Rick Ross.

Well I went to 50's alleged Instagram Page ( I say alleged because I can't confirm that it's actually 50's Instagram Page) and this is what I saw:

Instagram /https://www.instagram.com/50cent/
Instagram /https://www.instagram.com/50cent/




You'll notice the picture ofI van Drago from the Rocky IV Movie.  The picture is a 'still' from the scene in Rocky IV where Ivan knocks out Apollo Creed and says the famous line ,"If he dies he dies".


Video Commentary:

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