Ahhhh.... got ya here!

I wish something could impact the African-American younger generation. Well, here goes another attempt. (If they'll even bother to be bored for a moment with reading)

The past few days I've posted topics about the use of the "N-WORD", Sagging Pants & Racism. These are some pf the prevalent topics which identify the plight of the Africa-American person in America. They serve as some of the examples that make up the daily living experience of a Black person. These days, possibly without consciously realizing it, we (African-Americans) are ironically and subliminally "Taught" how to incorporate certain mindsets into our daily lives and accept that psychology as commonplace with respect to our daily existence...culturally.

How is this accomplished? Well, it used to be successfully administered by force, such that if a "N-Word" stepped out of line... he / she stood the chance of being lynched, whipped, raped, etc. No longer are those tactics effective in 2012. The new tactical approach, still somewhat fashioned behind the age old slavery House [Expletive] / Field [Expletive] concept, is now accomplished using House "N's" (Sports and Entertainment Stars) and the Field "N's" (all the rest of us)...including The President as having the most undesirable "Field "N" position.

While President Obama (Field) is ridiculed DAILY for the "terrible" job he's doing; Chris Brown & Nicki Minaj (House) are praised & glorified by our young people (in every Black Community in the U.S) for promoting ignorance. The other "Field "N's", the Pro Athletes, are paid Hundreds of Millions for "staying in their place" and providing appropriate entertainment for what consistently proves to be a predominately white audience at Stadiums and Sports Venues throughout the U.S. Shouldn't the focus of our young people and the measure of their attainable goals and aspirations be more in keeping with wanting to be President, and copying his (and his family's) image, rather than that of a Lil' Wayne?

IMAGES play a major role in the education and training of the African-American culture. The images we are bombarded with are those which are strategically introduced into our culture and communities via the media, (mainly music videos and sporting events) such that financial success and financial stature are seemingly best attained by embracing one of these "CAREERS". Black Sports figures and entertainers are the HIGHEST PAID individuals in the U.S....at least it seems that way...based on that information always being so publicly exposed and publicized. So what we get, as a result, are a generation of young people who are chasing a rainbow, beautified by lowly images (rap stars wearing sagging pants), BET TV shows showing billion dollar homes, bling bling, half clothed women, fancy cars, "Ballers" "makin' it rain", and Sports figures whose salaries are promoted, first and foremost, far beyond the meaningful Community Involvement in which some of them participate.

The Irony surrounding this entire "Cultural Mindset" is that there is no one forcing "us" to accept anything... we just accept this on our own. We can responsibly begin to uphold a different set of values in our communities...and shift the tide of destruction that is rapidly heading for and targeted at the younger generation. They can't see it... we can. And although this is another topic within itself...we must start with the men. We (African-American Men) have to carry ourselves with Dignity and Respect in our speaking, appearance, career choices, and most importantly how we interact with the opposite sex in our culture. When we begin to Respect African - American Women, they in turn will have a different set of respectable values for themselves. But if we continue to show them (especially young women) that all we want is to see them strip... we will get what we ask for... women who disrespect themselves and subconsciously disrespect us as men.

In closing... the following video is an example of the "Cultural Mindset" that MOST of our young people are trapped in. If we refocused and MARCHED and PROTESTED against some of the influential lyrical content in most songs these days like we passionately march against killings in our communities...the later just may be minimized solely because we demanded a standard in our community, for our kids, such that we will not tolerate anymore IMAGES OF DESTRUCTION.