On The Go Getta Mix With ADRI.V we opened the phone lines to callers to chime in on the Rumor Or Real report.

The Rumor Or Real report focused on the viral video from James Wright Chanel on his review of the now infamous Patti LaBelle pies. If you didn't know for the holiday season Patti LaBelle who is known for her cooking like her singing decided to release a collection of pies that have been released in Walmart. The sweet potato pie that everyone has been going crazy over all started from the review video that went viral from James Wright Chanel. The way he eats this pie, talk about it and sings makes you want to run out to get it and try it yourself. But the real questions is is this Rumor or Real, are these pies really that good or is his Hype better than the Bite?

Check the video out that has everyone going crazy over the pies and if  you have tried one please share your opinion. Are they just Rumored to be Good Or is This Rumor Real?


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