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It looks like the end of an era. First Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan and now Kevin Garnett!
After 21 seasons in the NBA Kevin Garnett has decided to retire. Garnett is truly leaving a legacy as one of the best defensive players in league history and to many you can say the game's most influential and …
Rumor Or Real?
Word has it that Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez are expecting a new addition to their family, a baby!
This seems to be a rumor at the moment but like I always say time will tell when it comes to this. There is apart of me that I hope its not true because Stevie J is already behind in Child support,…
Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Gets Additional Security After Attack?
So in the Rumor Or Real Report Rumors were circulating that Kim Kardashian was attached, well this report happens to be real!
Kim Kardashian was attached while in Paris and Kanye West was not ahppy about that. To protect his family and ensure that baby west is secure Kanye West got extra security whi…
Rumor or Real: Actor Pooch Forced Off BET?!?!?
The rumors have been going so is it true that the fine man from BET's The Game is leaving?!?!?!
Well Pooch Hall says in an interview with the radio show The Breakfast Club this week that he does
not want to completely leave “The Game”...
Rumor or Real? Angela Simmons and Rapper Romeo Miller are dating?
Rumor or Real, Entrepreneur, Pastries founder and Runs House  Angela Simmons and Rapper Romeo Miller are dating? Well it hasn’t been confirmed yet, but after the paparazzi caught the two cuddled up in West Hollywood this week on what appeared to be a lunch date it is almost safe…
No More Sheree on Atlanta Housewives? Rumor or Real?
Rumor or Real: No More Sheree on Atlanta Housewives?
Rumor or Real: Cast member from Real Housewives of Atlanta Sheree Whitfield is leaving the Show? Answer: Real! Now for the past couple of weeks there have been many rumors stiring around saying that Sheree was fired but in fact she&CloseCurlyQuo…

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