I often wonder what life for African-Americans would be like if it weren't for Rosa Parks.  I know she was not the only activist that fought against segregation and Racism, and I'm certain someone would have eventually come along to challenge the Jim Crow Laws of this land in the past..but the timing regarding what Rosa Parks did, had to help speed things up a bit (who know how long) in the fight to curb some of the racism that existed.

Rosa Parks Birthday celebration is most fitting during the month of February seeing as this is Black History Month.  Ms. Parks would have been 105 Years of Age today and although she is not with us physically, her Spirit and the remembrance of her actions and what she represents within the African-American Community will always be with us as it is today.

My days of Elementary and High Schooling are long gone but we do still have young African-American children who need to fully understand the impact upon which Rosa Parks had on the American Culture, in general, and how her Bravery changed history forever.  In an attempt to help with that, I've posted a ROSA PARKS DOCUMENTARY FOR KIDS, which is designed to explain the plight of Rosa Park to young people of all Race.

Parents, I urge you to have your young ones view this documentary...it's short and to the point and will provide your young one with a simplistic explanation of the Rosa Parks Story in a way that will impact them and have her legacy stick with them throughout their lives.

While on the air this morning, I asked anyone 10 Years or Younger to call me on the request to explain what Rosa Parks did...8 Year-Old Janai (School 89) was the 1st caller to get through and she said this about Rosa Parks!





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