As more data from the 2020 US Census becomes available, we're getting a much better picture of how America is doing and how it's changing.

Some of the things we're seeing much clearer are how the demographics of the country have changed and are continuing to change we more people move into and around the nation. These changes aren't just in race and ethnicity, but it's also with the different age groups, and where people are moving to and from all across America, New York, and Buffalo.

These things are often seen in how different cities and towns in our areas are changing. Some are becoming more racially and ethnically diverse, while other communities are becoming less diverse.

So how diverse is the Buffalo and Western New York area and how does that compare to other cities in New York and the entire country?

What City Is The Most Racially and Ethnically Diverse?

WalletHub did a deep dive into the most recent US Census Data and ranked the 500 largest cities in America on several different factors to determine how diverse they are, or are not.

When looking at different factors like a city's ethnic makeup, the different languages that are spoken in the area, and the percentage of people who were born in an area compared to how many people were born in other areas, WalletHub was able to create a score to rank each city.

Using these factors, Germantown, Maryland comes out as the most diverse city in America ranking number one, with Jersey City, New Jersey coming in second.

New York City ranks in 5th place nationally, which also makes it the most diverse city in New York State.

How Does Buffalo Stack Up With Its Racial and Ethnic Diversity?

The Queen City of New York comes in as the 151st most diverse place in the country, ranking higher than other well-known cities like San Antonio, Cleveland, Kansas City, Maimi, and others.

This is fairly good news considering Buffalo consistently ranks as one of the most segregated cities in the country.

When compared to other cities in New York State, Buffalo falls behind Yonkers which ranks 29th in the nation, Rochester which ranks 106th on the list, Syracuse which sits at 140th place, and even Albany which comes in at 148th place.

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It looks like we've got some work to do in the 716 to catch up.

This report has some really interesting findings, you can read the entire report here.

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