You'll believe you';re actually meeting and seeing Ron Burgandy at the upcoming and much anticipated 6th Annual Buffalo On Tap event, Saturday, January 13, 2018 at the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center from 12-9:30pm.

To jog your memory, if the name Ron Burgandy doesn't automatically spark laughter, you'll remember Will Farrell playing the part of the lead character as a News anchorman in the hilarious comedy, 'Anchorman'.

The Ron Burgandy impersoantor who will perform at Buffalo On Tap 2018, is practically the spoitting image of Will Farrel's 'Anchorman' charavcter inf rom the movie.


The lover of Scotch, Ron Burgandy (impersonator), will be supping on some brews at Buffalo On Tap 2018 and you can join him...get your tickets the pic below to 'Get Tickets" below.

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