In a Press Conference in Rochester, NY, broadcast live on WHAM Channel 13 in Rochester, NY,  Mayor Lovely Warren addressed the situation surrounding Daniel Prude's death, involving the Rochester Police, which is continuing to be investigated.  The incident took place on March 23 in Rochester, NY when 41-Year-Old Daniel Prude had an encounter with Rochester Police Officers and ultimately died sometime after, according to WHAM.

This was Mayor Warren's statement, according to WHAM Channel 13 News::

"Mr. Daniel Prude was failed by our police department, our mental health care system, our society, and by me.   must apologize to the Prude family and to all of our community.”

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Based on some of the comments from viewers while the press conference was being streamed live online on the WHAM website and FB Page, many people commented negatively regarding how the Mayor handled the situation from the time she became aware of the information surrounding Prude's death.  You can view the entire press conference video below as it was shown live on WHAM Channel 13 in Rochester. NY

Another major concern has arisen relative to Daniel Prude's death, which the Medical Examiner has ruked a homiicide, and that's the issue regarding whether Police. Officers should be called when there is a person dealing with Mental Health issuues, according to the WHAM report.  The report states that the day before the incident, the Monroe County Forensic Intervention Team (FIT) rand the Rochester Police, responded to the home where Daniel Prude was staying for a 'behavorial emergency'.  The report then states that the following day, Daniel Prude's brother called the Police for help because Daniel Prude was threatening to kill himself.  The diiscussion among many Rochesterians, according to the news report,  is that the same FIT should have responded.

Rochester City Council Vice President Willie Lightfoot commented: (per WHAM) 


“A healthcare provider should have accompanied police so that they can start doing their assessment, right?” he said. “And then, in case something goes awry, that healthcare provider, their life isn’t put in jeopardy.”

However, according to WHAM, Michael Bove of Monroe Ambulance, says every call is different .

“Just because there was a call one day, the day before, and then you go back the next day, doesn’t mean the same circumstances are there.”

Some Rochester residents are calling for the resignation of mayor Lovely Warren and Police Chief La'Ron Singletary, according to Rochester's  WHEC Channel 10 News.


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