Police knew there could be trouble and had officers on the scene even before five rival bike gangs began shooting and stabbing each other in Waco, Texas leaving 9 dead and 18 more injured.

The gruesome scene unfolded around noon on Sunday May 17th, after a fight broke out in the bathroom over a parking spot. The fight spilled out into the parking lot and eventually bullets started flying. Employees and civilians hid in the freezer!

As stated in the video above, officers moved AFTER weapons including a club and a knife injured many people.

Over 100 weapons were recovered at the Twin Peaks Restaurant, a popular biker hang out spot.

So my question is, why when Police THINK a black man has a gun, they shoot first and ask questions later? But in this case, cops wait until these white gang members use their weapons before they step in? In a situation were 170+ people were arrested for fighting, shooting and stabbing each other, it's shocking that only 9 people lost their life. Is this another example of White Privilege ?

Can you imagine how many people would be shot dead had this been a fight at a popular hangout for Black gang members.

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