I'm embarrassed.

The rioting in St. Louis has over-shadowed the actual Police Shooting of un-armed 18 Year-Old Michael Brown.


That "QUESTION ITSELF" even overshadows the question..."WHY DID POLICE SHOOT MICHAEL BROWN???"  The Looting and Stealing makes LESS SENSE to me than does some Hot Head Cop shooting an innocent person.  Seemingly, the ONE OFFICER who shot & killed 18 Year-Old Michael Brown has some SERIOUS MENTAL ISSUES...but that's ONE PERSON compared to HUNDREDS OF BLACK PEOPLE LOOTING!!!!!  So can I conclude that the 100's of Blacks Rioting represent a far more prevalent example of MENTAL ILLNESS than that of a few "sick" Police Officers?  Doesn't the rioting and looting itself give the Police a platform to say ..."SEE HOW THEY ACT"???!!!!!!

"WE" (as a Community of People) NEED TO WAKE THE H*** UP!!!!!


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